Check out what's been happening around the Wellington region to look after our stormwater system.

Integrated Catchment Management Plans

Wellington Water is preparing integrated stormwater catchment management plans for Wellington City Council. The plans are required by a consent to discharge stormwater issued to the Council by Greater Wellington Regional Council. Stage 1 of integrated catchment management plan has been signed off by Greater Wellington Regional Council, and we are now moving into stage 2.   Read more

Closed-circuit television drain inspections

Because drains are largely hidden from view, the exact cause and nature of problems may not be immediately apparent. With the passage of time and usage, drains can deteriorate. It may take several years but drains can suffer as a result of many factors such as ground movement, construction defects and tree root invasion.   Read more

Houghton Bay leachate

Houghton Bay has a long history of discharges of leachate, which originates from the former Houghton Valley landfill and is carried to the bay via the stormwater system. Historical causesThe closed landfill extends up the original valley floor from Cave Rd to Houghton Valley School and on up to Sinclair Park. It was opened in 1951 and was filled in two stages. Stage 1 was completed in 1963 and stage 2 in 1971.   Read more