Wellington’s water supply network is vulnerable. After a significant earthquake many parts of our region may be without water for more than 100 days. 

We're working with local councils and government to help make sure Wellington's communities are prepared, and ready to recover from a significant earthquake. Everyone has a role to play in being prepared.


Have you thought about what you'd do for water after a major earthquake if the water network isn't working? And do you have a plan for what to do with your ones and twos?   Read more

Above-ground emergency water network

Wellington’s city councils are joining forces with central government to establish an above-ground emergency water network. New alternative water supplies will be ready to supply communities from day eight after a major earthquake.   Read more

Stronger pipes and new reservoirs

Our services need to withstand shock and stresses. We have long-term plans to future proof the network to enable a strong regional economy and enhanced natural environment. The proposed new 35 million litre Prince of Wales/Omāroro reservoir will add capacity to Wellington’s water storage network, significantly enhancing resilience to disaster events.
Could an emergency water supply for Wellington be found beneath Wellington Harbour? That’s the big question the exploratory harbour bores project is looking to answer.
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