Where does it come from?

We supply over 160 million litres (ML) of water per day (on average) to Upper Hutt, Lower Hutt, Porirua and Wellington. Our water comes from three sources:   Read more

How is it treated?

Once the water has been collected at the intakes from the rivers, or is drawn from the aquifer, it enters one of four treatment plants. Our treatment methods are designed to produce water that meets the Ministry of Health Drinking Water Standards for New Zealand.   Read more

How does it get to my home?

Once the water has been through the treatment process, it is transported along the drinking water network to your home (it can be imagined as a city transport network).   Read more

At the tap

Once we've delivered the water to your home, how are you using it?   Read more

Looking after your water

As our cities and population grows we will have to be even more mindful about the amount of water we are using.   Read more

Storing emergency water

Wellington’s water supply network is vulnerable. After a significant earthquake many parts of our region may be without water for more than 100 days. You will be relying on the water you have stored at home for at least the first seven days.   Read more

Fluoride at our Water Treatment Plants

We manage four water treatment plants in the Wellington metropolitan area on behalf of Greater Wellington Regional Council who own the treatment plants. .   Read more