We are replacing a damaged wastewater pipe in Paremata, increasing wastewater capacity and reducing the risk of overflows in the area

On Saturday 17 July the Wellington Water crews responded to and repaired a burst wastewater main between the Aotea turnoff and Paremata, in Porirua during a large storm that hit the Wellington region.

Traffic management closed the northbound lane while Wellington Water investigated, and it was determined that a wastewater pipe had ruptured, causing wastewater to overflow onto SH1 and into the nearby harbour.

On Sunday 18 July, we replaced the failed section of pipe. However, our investigations showed that the pipe upstream and downstream was in a fragile condition and the pipe ruptured again on Thursday 22 July.

The crew began work on another approach to the repair, this time adding internal 'patches' to each end of the existing pipe to help it connect with the new sections that are clamped from the outside. This repair has allowed us to keep the pipe in operation while progressing a permanent replacement.

As the bursts caused wastewater to overflow, on Saturday 24 July, a rāhui (ritual prohibition) was put in place by Ngāti Toa, banning the taking of shellfish or fish in and around Porirua harbour. It was officially lifted on Thursday 5 August.

After discussion with Porirua City Council and our engineers, it was decided that we would replace the wastewater pipe.