What's stormwater?

Stormwater is rain which has run off hard surfaces such as roofs, roads and carparks. Stormwater is not treated and the water ends up in streams and harbours. Stormwater and wastewater use two different pipe systems - wastewater pipes take the wastewater to a treatment plant while stormwater pipes take stormwater to the nearest waterway.   Read more

Stormwater or wastewater?

Stormwater is rainwater that flows across roofs, roads and driveways into the stormwater system. Stormwater is not treated to remove any pollutants. Wastewater is the dirty water from houses and businesses that is flushed or sent into the wastewater system. Wastewater ends up at a wastewater treatment plant where the wastewater is treated, solids removed and the liquid or effluent is discharged to the sea.   Read more

Why do I need to stay out of flood water?

It's best to stay well clear of any floodwater. There's a good chance that the floodwater is not clean as it may be contaminated with wastewater or surface pollution. There may also be unseen hazards lurking under the floodwater such as open manholes (where the manhole cover has been lifted away), ditches or obstructions such as trees or debris. If you come into contact with floodwater, please wash your hands carefully as soon as you can.   Read more