Love Every Drop






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Water Saver - the lowdown

Can you imagine a world without water? Water is essential for every aspect of life on earth. Could trees grow without water? What about you, could you live without water?

Every day we use water in many different ways. It’s important for us to drink clean and fresh water every day to stay healthy. We also wash with water, clean our stuff with water, and have fun with water at the pools. Water is amazing……and very precious.   Read more

LEARNZ field trip

People and Water - looking at our water networksExplore the journey of water from its source to our tap and how this precious resource can be used more sustainably. Take part in the virtual field trip or check out the LEARNZ videos below. People and WaterIntroduction to People and Water from LEARNZ on Vimeo. The Three WatersThe Three Waters from LEARNZ on Vimeo.   Read more